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We take responsibility for arranging the details of the funeral, from the practical elements, such as coffin, hearse, limousines to the church or crematorium, along with obituary notices, flowers, reception, catering, service sheets, music requirements and any other requests that make the funeral the personal tribute that it deserves to be.

In the case of any death, the first practical step is to arrange the removal of the deceased into our care and then await instructions. We provide advice and guidance for all aspects of the funeral service. Detailed discussions of the various options and the co-ordination of funeral requirements usually occur at our offices but, if preferred, we can visit you in your own home.


  • The necessary registration and administration requirements
  • Cremation or Burial Service
  • Options, availability and booking of the funeral venue and Officiant
  • Planning the funeral transport
  • Viewing and dressing of your loved one and the return of property
  • Choosing a coffin or casket
  • Newspaper notices, funeral stationery and printed orders of service
  • Funeral flowers and Venue flowers
  • Special options such as alternative transport, music, personalisation of ceremony
  • Post-funeral reception and refreshments Costs, payment terms and guidance with DWP
  • Visiting your loved one in our chapel of rest
  • Funeral Stationery
  • Contacting the Minister


Memorials, All memorials are made subject to permission from the relevant churchyard or cemetery and certain restrictions………

Floral Tributes

Floral Tributes

Floral Tributes, Floral tributes should ideally be sent to the Funeral Director to arrive at least 2 hours before the departure time.



Our Services, In the case of any death, the first practical step is to arrange the removal of the deceased into our care and then await instructions.

Golden Charter

Golden Charter

Prepaid Funerals, Consideration for others is the most common reason for taking out a funeral plan and peace of mind is the most common benefit.


In the event of a death which is sudden or unexpected the Police will attend to coordinate the removal of the body, on behalf of the coroner, to the public mortuary. The coroner will be informed and the requirement for a post mortem assessed according to Ministry of Justice guidelines. When a death occurs and is due to unnatural causes a coroner's inquest is necessary. The coroner will open and adjourn to a later date. The coroner will then release the deceased to enable the funeral to take place. The coroner will issue an interim certificate, which can be used for bank or insurance purposes. When death occurs at home and the deceased WAS NOT under the care of a physician or hospice, your local police department should be notified (call 999).


If the funeral will be taking place abroad, there are certain legal requirements that need to be fulfilled. If a body is to be moved from England or Wales to Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, as well as elsewhere abroad, you will need to notify the coroner for the district in which the deceased is lying and complete a Removal Notice (form 104). Brett Quinton Funeral Directors will deal with this form on your behalf. Often this authorisation has to be requested at least four days before the person is to be moved to give time for any enquiries. Repatriating someone who has died from Scotland to elsewhere may not need the authority of the Procurator Fiscal. Please check with us so we can advise on your specific circumstances.